The fight atop one of Japan's famous bullet trains has been heavily featured in nearly all of the marketing for The Wolverine, and you can't blame them. Even though fights on trains have been around since The Great Train Robbery, and made up the giant last act of last weekend's The Lone Ranger, a fight on a train that can go up to 200 miles per hour really is something new. And now that we've seen a full clip from that fight scene, courtesy of Machinima, we understand why it's so special: it gives Wolverine the power to fly!

OK, not really. But that last shot of him soaring through the air toward the henchmen, claws out and ready to fight, is pretty impressive, and adds another power in Wolvy's arsenal that berserker rage and adamantium claws didn't quite get him. There's been a lot of talk in the movie's trailers about Logan trying to leave behind his immortality over the course of The Wolverine, but he's looking pretty damn invincible here, with those claws giving him a serious advantage over the puny humans who have to use knives to keep their grip on the top of the bullet train. Then again the recent Japanese poster for The Wolverine showed Logan holding a sword with his claws bared, so it's possible he's learning a lot about classic Japanese weaponry when he's not fending off the bad guys.

It's hard to believe that The Wolverine is already coming out in just two weeks, but the timing is pretty perfect, with the summer's other big superhero movies Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 fading into the background and moviegoers primed for one last big superhero story before the summer starts winding down. It opens just a week after San Diego Comic-Con, and what better way to take advantage of a bunch of comics fans riled up by a trip to their Mecca? Let us know in the comments if you'll be seeing The Wolverine opening weekend, and revisit the film's trailer for more of that berserker action.

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