Bullet Train Streaming: When And Where You Will Be Able To Watch The Brad Pitt Movie

Lately, it seems like big theatrical releases are coming to various streaming platforms quicker than ever before. Long ago, when the idea of watching a movie on the internet was nothing more than a science fiction fantasy, we would have to wait months (and sometimes a year or more) to watch a movie on home release. But now, big 2022 movies like Top Gun: Maverick, Nope, and now, Bullet Train, not only come out on VOD or Blu-ray weeks after debuting on the big screen, they also become available on various streaming services. 

So, if you missed out on David Leitch’s white-knuckled thrill ride starring Brad Pitt as an unlucky assassin trying to beat a cast of eccentric trained killers and his own bad luck, don’t worry, because soon enough, you will be able to watch Bullet Train streaming. And there’s a good chance you already have the particular streaming platform the explosive action movie will soon call home. Let’s break it down now…

When And Where You Will Be Able To Watch Bullet Train Streaming

Starting on Saturday, December 3, anyone with a Netflix subscription will be able to watch Bullet Train streaming, instantly making it one of the best movies on the service. The arrival of Bullet Train is just the latest example of Sony Pictures movies coming to Netflix before anywhere else, a deal, according to the New York Times, started with the studio’s 2022 theatrical releases. If you recall, Where the Crawdads Sing came to Netflix earlier in November, only a few months after debuting on the big screen.

Stream Bullet Train on Netflix starting December 3rd.

Are There Other Ways To Watch Bullet Train?

If you don’t want to wait for Bullet Train to start streaming on Netflix in early December, or maybe you’d prefer owning the summer blockbuster outright, you are in luck. Over at Amazon, there are a variety of ways to take in all the thrills, chills, and over-the-top action sequences, no matter if you want to check it out digitally or own it on physical media.

If you end up purchasing a Blu-ray copy of the movie (which comes bundled with the DVD), you will also receive a digital code that can be redeemed with the Movies Anywhere service. This means you can watch the movie on a number of different devices and platforms (Movies Anywhere titles automatically show up in your Prime Video titles if you connect it with your Amazon subscription).

Buy/Rent Bullet Train on Amazon.
Get it on Blu-ray on Amazon.

If You’ve Already Watched Bullet Train…

If you’ve already watched Bullet Train, check out this collection of articles from CinemaBlend that could make your second (or third) viewing an even better experience.

First off, there is Eric Eisenberg’s Bullet Train review, where he said “Brad Pitt has a blast in the silly and badass action comedy.” Throughout the review, Eisenberg had great things to say about the story, characters, and Pitt’s joyful performance. Other critics made note of the movie’s impressive fight scenes, plot twists, and chaotic premise when breaking down the movie.

We also have a detailed breakdown of the Bullet Train ending that goes into how things ended up for Brad Pitt’s Ladybug and other assassins on the high-speed train.

Bullet Train will be streaming on Netflix starting on Saturday, December 3rd, making it just one of many new movies coming to the service the final month of the year.

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