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Starting things off in Hall H on Friday morning is the panel for The World's End, Edgar Wright's upcoming film, which centers on a group of childhood friends who reunite for the ultimate pub crawl, only to find themselves facing armageddon, which may prevent them from reaching The World's End, the last bar on the list. The description for the panel doesn't confirm who's going to be there, but given the cast, which includes Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman and Rosamund Pike, we're hoping for something funny.

Here's the official description for the panel:
Friday July 19, 2013 10:00am - 11:00am Hall H

The director and stars of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz have joined forces for a third movie-and it's "Barmageddon," their biggest yet. As ever, they're as happy to be here as you are. So expect candid chatter and spirited surprises as they take the wraps off their new comedy, which Focus Features is opening nationwide in the U.S. on August 23.

10:07 a.m. - The panel begins with the trailer. Lots of applause for that. And then the moderator, Chris Hardwick, comes out on stage, all suited up. He intros another video, which focuses on Edgar Wright's movies, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World End. In the video, Wright talks about how the different stories tie together. Some great funny footage of Pegg and Frost behind the scenes, focusing on their friendship. Lots of funny clips from all three movies. And then the video introduces Wright and the cast as they come out onto the stage. Edgar Wright, Nick Fross and Simon Pegg are here!

10:15 - Hardwick says the movie's fantastic. He says it felt like there's a Doctor Who element to the story. Wright says if you've ever watched Doctor Who and thought it would be funnier if the Doctor was really hammered, this is the comedy to you. Wright jokes about Daleks coming up the stairs. Hardwick defends DW by pointing out that Daleks hover now. Pegg says his character Gary was fun to play. There's a dark truth about him that explains his "dickishness." He's stuck in 1990. He never got out of 1990. Pegg says Gary's friends have all moved on and he's trying to drag them back. Pegg says the Tardis in the film is beer.

10:17 - Nick agrees that his character is very serious. He says Simon and he had to do something different for the characters in this film (compared to the previous two Wright films). Pegg says they were more like their characters when they did Shaun of the Dead. Hardwick says the three movies are loosely tied together by ice cream. Ice Cream's featured in all three. Wright explains the Cornetto connection, inspired by feeling better after having an Cornetto ice cream. Cornetto's the British equivalent to a Drumstick. They move on to talking about the three flavors of Cornetto.

10:21 - Wright talking about keeping the films British in terms of the cast, though some of them are considered Hollywood actors now. Pegg talks about doing other stuff away from the Cornetto trilogy. They've been friends for nearly 20 years. He mentions "some very interesting cameos" in the movies. Nick says that doing other movies is like having a great love affair and then coming back, it makes the marriage stronger. Hardwick talks about hoping this won't be the last time they all get together. Pegg says that these three movies fit together in a trilogy in certain ways, but "of course" they'll work together again. It sounds like whatever they do next will veer way from the things that link these three movies. Wright says they want to wrap things up - the joys of perpetual adolescence.

10:24 - Pegg says they came up with the idea for World's End when they did the press tour for Hot Fuzz so they aren't due for their next big idea for another four weeks.

10:27 - Pegg says there was no choice about revealing the alien twist to the movie because of marketing. Chris says there is a lot in the movie that is not in the trailer - he confirmed this on Wright's request. And after Hardwick talks about being late for the screening of the film, they open the floor to questions. The guy from yesterday's Summit panel is the first to ask a question (he approached the mic and asked a question about Ender's Game while the Divergent panel was happening). He asks about the long wait for movies. Wright says it's good to wait so people won't get bored with them doing the same thing over and over.

10:30 - Next question is who they find "completely hilarious." Wright says they love Lonely Island, The Kroll Show, Louis CK, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family... Nick says he likes Simon. He likes reruns of Larry Sanders. Now they're talking about their crazy travel schedules. Next fan question about sticking to the script. Nick says there's no time for improvising because of the way Edgar's scripts are arranged. Pegg says Wright's transitions are very definite from cut to cut.

10:36 - The lady who wears a cap of buttons around the con is doing a fan question, but her buttons have inspired a lot of banter among the panel and she has yet to ask the question. She finally says, "My question is for none of you on the stage. Chris Hardwick responds, "Fuck you, Buttons." And then he says she's going to have her own panel on the stage. She finally asks about Martin Freeman's schedule and how they were able to get him into the movie. Wright says Freeman's a trooper, managing his Hobbit responsibilities with shooting World's End.

10:39 - Next fan question is can we turn the new movie into a drinking game. They say drink every time the characters drink. Fan asks what's the most challenging scene for each of the actors. Wright says they tried to push themselves with the fight scenes. He says they're the most punishing fight scenes yet. Pegg says they devised a new martial art called "pub-fu." He broke his hand, and he did six more takes afterward. Wright says as a producer, Pegg didn't want to wrap up. He wanted to keep going. Pegg says one of the hard of the scenes he ever shot (Shaun of the Dead SPOILERS!) was when he had to shoot his mother in Shaun. He pretends to break into tears.

10:44 - They shot the film for three months. Next question about the themes of the trilogy - evolution, devolution and revolution. Wright says he likes the way that sounds. It sounds lofty. Next question is about favorite movies of the trilogy. Wright says he can't choose. He says the ending of WE's ending feels really fresh to him. Pegg says he had the most fun playing Gary in World's End. He says Shaun's a likable guy, but Gary King's a very layered character. Watch out for Gary King! Nick Frost says he enjoyed being Ed in Shaun but it wasn't a real stretch. "At times they just came into my house and just shot stuff while I was just sitting about..." he jokes. He says his WE character is an angry man. He has an atomic bomb about to go off in him. He says his action nickname is "The Pink Hulk." Next question is if they'll ever revisit Spaced. Pegg says he feels like if they added to it now, it could ruin it. Sounds like he prefers to leave it as it was. He doesn't think it's going to happen again. He'll hopefully work with those people again, but that was a specific time in their lives and that time is gone. Frost says they couldn't afford him.

Now they're showing a mash-up of the films, which remixes snippets from the trilogy into a funny, very violent music video. It was really good. Wright says they'll have it online soon. If you're a fan of these movies, definitely check it out!

10:56 - Fan asks about what it's like to look at the final product. Wright says it's always great watching it back for the first time. He says usually you try to film as much as you can in chronological order. They shot the movie in sequence for this one so it wasn't too much of a surprise. Button lady returned to bring up the Death of Superman short. Frost wonders if Button Lady is bullet proof because of her button protection.

11:00 - Next question is about what kind of beers they'd drink on a pub crawl. Wright says if anything the movie has put him off drinking beer. Right now, he'd want red wine. Wright answers another question about advice for filmmakers. He encourages people to keep experimenting. He says never give up. Hardwick advises ignoring YouTube comments. Hardwick begs any trolls in the room to keep in mind that "your" is a possessive. It's "you're!" Wright says Button Lady will vanquish all the trolls with her magic buttons.

11:03 - Wright answers a nervous fan's question about making movies. He talks about making things personal in a way. The movies are actually about real experiences that they've had. Write about what you like, not what you think people will like. Hardwick talks about being specific with your voice. Last question is, "Collectively, how many Cornettos have you eaten?" Frost responds, "Since this morning?" And then one of them answered 72. And that's where it ends!
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