World War Z Fan-Made Posters Will Put You In An Undead Mood

The “Z” in Brad Pitt’s upcoming World War Z stands for “zombies,” though the emphasis of the film’s first poster fell on the letter itself, and not on the A-list leading man or the undead creatures that he’ll be hunting once the post-apocalyptic thriller opens in theaters this summer.

Disappointed by the initial one sheet (which you can see here), the creative folks at Blurppy solicited new posters that would play up the zombie apocalypse angle of the movie’s plot, which is derived from a best-selling book by author Max Brooks. And it’s not a stretch to say that all eight submitted posters are far superior to the official one cooked up on behalf of the film. Here are my three favorites, but click the Blurppy link above to see all eight:

Thrillers set in a post-apocalyptic future are the rage nowadays, with at least four mainstream movies -- Oblivion, After Earth, This is the End and Z -- leaning on that plot point. Each is going to have to think far outside of the box if it wants to win over audience members and not get swept up by the rushing currents of the summer release schedule, which can chew up and spit out a forgettable movie as crowds flock to the next big thing.

Having Pitt in your lead role certainly helps, but audiences are going to support World War Z if the special-effects are top notch and the zombies are a legitimate threat … not a CGI hologram that fails to live up to current first-person-shooter video games. The trailer looked promising. The posters above are better. We’ll share whatever we see on Z as we get closer to the film’s June 21 release.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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