World War Z Hits Delays

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster is looking at two projects he has the option of making next, and of course, they couldn't be more different. One of them is a lame-sounding, He's Just Not That Into You-esque movie called Disconnect, except instead of being about the general topic of relationships, it'll be about the general topic of how we deal with technology. And then there's World War Z, an adaptation of Max Brooks' novel that "documents" the global zombie war through interviews with the survivors.

And which of these projects is Forster doing next? The boring one, naturally. He told Dark Horizons that the script for World War Z still requires a lot of writing and development, and is "still far from realization." So, OK, it's not exactly like Forster is abandoning World War Z, and I'd much rather him get the script in shape than go forward with a bad one. But we need our zombies! And Disconnect sounds boring! If I whine long enough, will this zombie action get going faster?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend