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We spent at least a year debating and stressing over Ridley Scott's take on Robin Hood, getting excited when it seemed like he was doing something different and feeling resigned when it became clear that it would be the same old same old. Ready to go through all of that again?

Warner Bros., the very same studio handling Ridley Scott's take on the tale, will be producing another Robin Hood inspired story, this one set in a dystopian London, where a band of thieves try to restore hope to the restless masses who live there. According to THR's Risky Biz Blog, the producers are planning a movie that will be "both inspired by and pay homage to the legend of Robin Hood."

Commercial director Nicolai Fuglsig will be handling the film as his feature debut, but he's not just some rando picked to shepherd the project; the producers give him the credit for the idea in the first place. "His stunning visual presentation blew me away," Charles Roven, one of the film's producers, said in Risky Biz. "He has a very clear vision for the film, one that will re-invent and modernize a classic story."

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