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New York Comic Con is in full swing in midtown Manhattan, and while it's a smaller event than its sister Con in San Diego, it's still packed full of people in some of the most elaborate costumes you'll ever see. I deeply regret missing the chance to photograph the spot-on Mister T, who barreled through the crowd carrying a giant hammer shouting "Get outta my way, or you're gonna get pitied!" But I think I made up for it with the photos you'll see in the gallery below, which includes people dressed as Marty McFly, Ramona Flowers, Captain America, Daniel Craig's character in Cowboys & Aliens, Thor, Ron Burgundy, and much much more. My favorites include the tiniest Thor and of course Marty McFly, which is the only cosplay costume I've ever truly envied.

Take a look in the gallery below, and keep checking back, as I'll be updating it throughout my wanderings around the Con. We're also covering some of the day's big panels, which include The Walking Dead and The Avengers, so come back for much more!