There's no denying that Deadpool changed the game earlier this year. Wade Wilson's pitch-perfect story of love and revenge endeared the character to audiences all over the world, and definitively proved that an R-rated comic book movie can work if everyone involves reveres the source material. However, that doesn't mean that every comic book movie should automatically opt for a hard R classification, as well.

Suicide Squad recently received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America -- much to the dismay of fans who had hoped to see a hard R depiction of classic DC characters like Joker and Deadshot. We here at Cinema Blend are here to tell you definitively that a PG-13 rating is what Suicide Squad -- and to a larger extend, DC -- needs right now. Maybe Lobo, or even Red Hood will one day get the R-rated treatment, but for right now Suicide Squad is fine just the way it is. We've gone through the recent history of the comic book genre, and come up with three definitive reasons why Suicide Squad should remain in the realm of PG-13...

DC Needs A Hit After Man of Steel and Batman V Superman

First and foremost: DC and Warner Bros. are in no position to take risks with the release of Suicide Squad. 20th Century Fox gambled big on Deadpool by giving it an R-rating, but do you know what X-Men movie they had last brought to theaters? The wildly popular X-Men: Days of Future Past. It also doesn't hurt that Deadpool was an insanely cheap investment, costing less than $60 million to produce. After the lackluster reception of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DCEU simply doesn't have the sort of goodwill necessary to take that sort of chance. Suicide Squad needs to cast the widest possible net, and give Warner Bros. a bona fide hit before the studio can even consider taking a risk on a wide release R-rated film.

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