Actors don't just fill roles written in a script. They have the ability to transcend their films and become icons in their own right. It often gets to the point where many people will decide to see a film based upon what actors are featured in the project. If there's one thing Hollywood has managed to do over the years, it's create an entire stable of bona-fide movie stars with undeniable talent that audience will flock to theaters to see.

That being said, just because someone has a knack for acting doesn't mean that they always star in good movies. Some silver screen icons start their careers on the right foot, and slowly but surely lose the magic that made us love them. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 11 genuinely good actors who have not made a good movie in a very long time. Now let's get started with one of the most well-known cases of such a phenomena.

Nicolas Cage

Oscar winner Nicolas Cage's fall from grace has been one of the most well-documented and fascinating stories to come out of Hollywood in recent years. Although he has become known for his characteristic overacting, Nicolas Cage has an undeniably innate talent, and a wide range that made many of his early films like Raising Arizona and Michael Bay's The Rock instant classics. However, his reported financial troubles over the last decade have forced him into a position where he cannot afford to be quite as picky about the roles he takes on. You're a great actor, Mr. Cage, but we will never forgive efforts like The Wicker Man or Drive Angry.

*Last Great Movie: *Kick-Ass

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