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From very early in the production of the new Ghostbusters, it was made clear that the new film was a reboot that would be doing something different from the original films. Then, everything about the marketing tried to play on nostalgia. It looks like the new film will have even more in common with the original than we thought. In addition to bringing back Slimer, the film will also see the return of another classic Ghostbusters foe, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


We have to say this about the new Ghostbusters, it has not failed to keep us on our toes. A series of new TV spots have been released to promote the July release of the Melissa McCarthy/Kristen Wiig-led Ghostbusters reboot and smack in the middle of one of them is this shot of the four ladies in grey taking shots at the climactic villain of the original piece. Of all the callbacks that we might have expected, this wasn't really one of them. It's not so much an easter egg or reference as it appears to be a plot point.

Considering the heat that the Ghostbusters movie has been getting from die-hard fans of the original, this revelation is bound to start a new round of vitriol online. However Mr. Stay-Puft is being used, it won't be acceptable to many. We know Stay-Puft won't be the film's primary villain, that honor goes to a character named Rowan who, by the end, becomes a giant version of the familiar Ghostbusters logo (but with a bowtie). That character isn't unlike the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to begin with, being giant and white, which makes the inclusion of the actual Marshmallow Man all the more confusing. Will this Marshmallow Man just be one of the multitude of ghosts that appear? We're also assuming that this one is simply a ghost marshmallow and not the embodiment of an ancient Sumerian god. Check out the full ad spot below.

While Ghostbusters may be a reboot, they've done more than their share of using the popularity of the original to promote themselves. The first trailer made reference to the original films from 30 years ago, while another promotional video name dropped Harold Ramis' character, Egon Spengler. Now, with the inclusion of both the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer, it's looking like old home week for Ghostbusters fans.

Does this new addition make you more, or less, excited for the new Ghostbusters? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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