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Who is better than Tom Cruise at kicking ass on screen? Matt Damon in the Bourne series, I suppose. Every cast member of The Raid films, undoubtedly. But at 53 years of age, Cruise has proven that he beats thugs better than most action heroes, and the trend is continuing with Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. A sequel to Christopher McQuarrie's underrated Jack Reacher, the new film dropped footage as part of an ET block, and we have it for you to see below:

While it's fun and exciting to see new footage from the next Tom Cruise movie, having to view it in between the various watermarks, host interruptions and blatant brand marketing associated with an ET Exclusive steals a lot of the fun from Jack Reacher: Never Go Back's first trailer. Hopefully a clean copy will drop soon, and we can trade this out. You can tell, though, that Tom Cruise is back in action as wandering military vet Jack Reacher, a towering figure of justice who has been part of a series of novels by author Lee Child for years. Cruise first brought the character to the big screen in Jack Reacher in 2012, and the film made enough money to justify a sequel. Truthfully, I think the movie found its audience on cable and home video, and the fan support convinced Paramount to take a chance on a sequel.

In this story, based on the book Never Go Back, Reacher (Tom Cruise) heads back to Virginia -- where he once served as a military investigator -- to help out a woman named Susan (Cobie Smulders) who he really only knows from various phone conversations. Only, there's a serious reason why Reacher left Virginia, and why he continues to wander, and when he goes back to Virginia and Washington, D.C., he opens up several cans of worms that will force he and Susan to take care of some vicious heavy hitters.

There are so many Jack Reacher stories, thanks to the prolific writings of Lee Child, that Tom Cruise could crank out a dozen more of these movies without missing a beat. However, as we mentioned, Cruise is 53, so his ass-beating days are likely limited. Which means we have to enjoy movies like this while we still can. Refresh your memory on the first Jack Reacher with that film's trailer.

Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher: Never Go Back will be directed by Edward Zwick, who worked with the actor on The Last Samurai. It opens in theaters on October 21. What do you think of this first bit of footage? Will you check this one out?

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