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Star Trek Beyond

We have less than a month now before Star Trek Beyond hits theaters, and it doesn't feel like there's too much hype for the movie right now. We've gotten some pretty interesting trailers for the film, special screenings, and lots of reassuring the from cast and crew, but despite all this, the internet doesn't seem too jazzed about the return of the Starship Enterprise. Maybe fans still remember the burn of Star Trek Into Darkness. Paramount Pictures is looking to change all that and they've announced a new event that will hopefully get some fans excited. AMC Theaters will be holding an IMAX marathon screening of the entire Kelvin Timeline - including Star Trek Beyond before its initial release.

The Star Trek Marathon will be held in AMC Theaters, which will be holding the screening on Wednesday, July 20, at 4:30 p.m. and will last seven hours and 19 minutes. That means fans who attend the screening will be able to see Star Trek Beyond before it releases worldwide on July 22. All the films will be screened in IMAX, and tickets cost $30 per person. That's a pretty good deal for three movies in IMAX but wait, there's more! Those in attendance will also get a goodie bag of Star Trek treats that consists of an event lanyard, an exclusive poster and a Starfleet patch that you can wear proudly on your shirt, hat, backpack or anywhere that you could possibly attach it to. You can find what theaters near you are holding the event and buy tickets through here.

That's a pretty decent fan event for those who enjoy these movies. It's not a particularly strong trilogy, but it still sounds like a good time. People will get to enjoy Star Trek, tolerate Into Darkness and see what looks to be the most promising movie of the bunch. This is only the latest Trek-themed event to be announced. The franchise held a big celebration a while back, where they showed off new footage and details for fans. There's also the big premiere and live orchestra performance being held at San Diego Comic-Con that fans have to opportunity to attend. If nothing else, Paramount is working overtime to get people jacked for this movie.

Star Trek Beyond is directed by Justin Lin and written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. It'll hit theaters on July 22, but those who go to the AMC event will have already seen it for two days - unless you count Thursday night screening. Then they've only seen it one day before.

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