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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is as prolific a media mogul as she is a star of film and TV. Recently, you may have seen her taking roles in films such as Ava DuVernay's Selma and the brand new drama on her television network, Greenleaf. But, as any good actor will tell you, when a good part comes along, and the right director is in play, there's never a bad time to pick up some more work. Which is exactly what Oprah looks to have done, as she's looking to join the cast of Ava DuVernay's adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's novel, A Wrinkle In Time, for Disney.

The news comes to us from Deadline, who have reported that Oprah Winfrey is not only using her industry cred to help get A Wrinkle In Time moving, but that she has been tapped to play Mrs. Which, an interdimensional being from a group know as "the Mrs. W's." The three W's, in their infinite wisdom and powers, are recruited to help A Wrinkle In Time's protagonist, Meg Murry, on her journey to find her father, who has disappeared during his work on a secret project. This information comes not too long after DuVernay was officially announced to be directing the film, scripted by Frozen's co-director and writer Jennifer Lee. Considering what we've read about the character, this casting is pretty amazing.

Mrs. Which is the de-facto leader of the Mrs. W's, with the most knowledge, and also the most removal from humanity, of the bunch. Throughout the book, Mrs. Which not only provides clues for the children to follow, she also speaks with a rather unique, almost vibratory method of speech. For example, one of her lines from the book is written as follows, "Nnoww, cchilldrenn, yyou musstt nott bee frrightennedd att whatt iss ggoingg tto hhappenn."

Even with the rough outline of her character on Wikipedia, you can tell that Oprah Winfrey is pretty cut out for a role such as this. But what might be even more exciting is the other cast members that may be joining her in this big ticket adaptation.

Amy Adams Kevin Hart

Another piece of information that came with Oprah Winfrey's announcement as a possible cast member in A Wrinkle In Time is the fact that those involved with the project are pursuing Amy Adams and Kevin Hart in early talks, while Winfrey is in final negotiations. Disney apparently is really keen on casting the film as soon as possible, more than likely so they can start moving the wheels to get this long-awaited adaptation underway.

If we were to guess, we'd assume that Kevin Hart would be playing the role of the disappeared father, Dr. Alex Murry, while Amy Adams could either play his wife, Dr. Kate Murry, or one of the other Mrs. W's. Dr. Kate Murry seems to be the odds on favorite in our book, unless the appearance of either the other two W's or Adams is going to change.

With the talents of Oprah Winfrey, Amy Adams, and Kevin Hart all circling a film crafted by Ava DuVernay and Jennifer Lee, A Wrinkle In Time could be as progressive as the original novel was, considering the diverse talent attached to bring the iconic novel to life. Unfortunately, we don't have an official time frame as to when the film will be in production, or even scheduled for release. But as soon as the outlook becomes a bit clearer, we'll pass the information your way!

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