Oprah Is Shook In Viral Tik-Tok About $100 Being An Expensive Price Point For A Christmas Gift, And People Have Thoughts

Oprah Winfrey might be able to afford to give everyone cars, but not everyone can give their mother a car for Christmas. In this case, one person asking Winfrey for gift ideas for their mom couldn’t afford the first option the talk show host recommended, so while shocked the fan couldn’t afford a $100 gift, she quickly came up with an alternative. And obviously, the internet has thoughts about it following the video going viral on TikTok. 

In a TikTok from 10gsocial, which now has over 695 thousand views and over 40 thousand likes, Oprah is shown talking gifts with a spectator. At first, she recommended a red jewelry box that she had on her favorite things list. The man said that was too expensive, and Oprah looked a little shocked, but quickly said he should make his mom a nice sentimental card for her. 


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Charlie Intravaia commented on the TikTok noting Oprah’s quick response after being shocked the person couldn't afford a $100 jewelry box, writing: 

She said oh you poor? I got a better gift for you.

While Lor wrote about the judgment she thought she picked up on in Oprah’s voice, writing:  

The judgment when he said $100 was too expensive.

Meanwhile, user2580164774047 took note of how the unexpected A Wrinkle in Time star went from a $100 gift suggestion to a completely free one, writing: 

😳Oprah said I’m not even gonna try to give you a suggestion for $50 Here you go free from your heart😂😂😂

TastebudCT is out here defending Oprah, writing: 

Oprah is a billionaire but she gave a gift suggestion that’s $100 .. but y’all saying she’s out of touch lol

She makes a good point, the producer and talk show host’s point of reference for what’s affordable is likely very different from many, considering she’s the first Black woman to become a billionaire, which is something you may not have known about Oprah. Also, Winfrey just sold her house to Jennifer Aniston for $10.5 million dollars which is in the same neighborhood Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live in. I think it’s safe to assume Winfrey has a lot of money, and buying something under $100 is like nothing to her. 

Also in the comments, Stephanie Falconi Br noted the look on Oprah’s face, writing: 

She was SHOOK that $100 was too expensive. ‘Do they even make things that cost less than $100?’

From working her way up to the queen of daytime with her talk show (a timeslot that is now owned by Kelly Clarkson) to becoming a busy producer, she’s clearly done a lot to earn the money she now has. Oprah's also been in such a high place of success for a really long time, so yeah, I’d think she would be a bit shook when someone said $100 was too expensive. 

All Oprah’s shook-en-ness aside, she quickly turned it around and gave the man a wonderful, free, gift idea. 

While Oprah may be a billionaire, she is still out here working hard to create important projects. There are lots of projects from Winfrey that you can currently stream, she’s also working quite a bit for the upcoming year. She’s a producer on the movie adaptation of the musical The Color Purple, which is on the 2023 movie schedule, she’s also producing a limited series called  The 1619 Project that is currently in pre-production. 

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