There’s A Reason The Vulture Has That Suit In Spider-Man: Homecoming

After months of anticipation and speculation, we have finally learned whom Tom Holland's Peter Parker will face off against in Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you've paid attention, you'll notice that it seems that the rumors were true. Adrian Toomes a.k.a Vulture will finally make his silver screen debut on July 7, 2017 to square off against our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He's a villain fans have waited to see on the silver screen for a long time, and the filmmakers have apparently endeavored to firmly plant him within Spider-Man's comfort zone: science.

In a recent interview with Collider, Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts spoke about the nature of Vulture's costume, and the importance of grounding it in the tech world. He said:

It's a very tech based approach to how The Vulture would build a wing suit and how he would fly. It's not just cool design; it's a big part of the story. That I can't give away, but there's some cool stuff that goes along with that. ... From the very beginning, we wanted to try to keep it tech based just to keep it different initially from what we had seen before. Just getting away from anything that was too similar to [the past], and it sets up a really cool thing that I don't want to talk about yet! It's gonna be awesome.

Looks like Anthony Mackie's Falcon won't be the only Marvel character with a mechanized wing suit from now on. Based on that quote it appears that the cast and crew behind Spider-Man: Homecoming did everything in their power to give Vulture's wing suit an aesthetic and functionality grounded in the tech world. This isn't all that surprising, as Captain America: Civil War already showed that Peter Parker himself has a knack for crafting together advanced pieces of technology from scraps he finds in the garbage. Aside from the typical action inherent to a superhero movie, this sets up a showdown between two brilliant scientific minds.

Vulture Spider Man

The emphasis on technology in Adrian Toomes' Vulture suit also makes sense when we consider the cameos that will take place in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Long before we knew that Vulture would even take on the role of the villain in the upcoming movie, we knew that Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark would pop up to lend Spidey a hand. If Peter Parker finds himself facing off against a man in a weaponized flying suit, then it makes sense that he will call in Iron Man to help him out.

Then there's the simple matter of what Jon Watts says he cannot talk about. He claims that Vulture sets up something "awesome" for the future of the franchise. For my money, that sounds like an indication that Vulture's debut may lead to the long-awaited debut of the Sinister Six on the silver screen.

We will have to see for ourselves how this all plays our when Peter Parker finally takes the center stage in his first standalone movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

We were lucky enough to interview Tom Holland at San Diego Comic-Con, and he told us all about Spider-Man: Homecoming. Hear what he had to say by clicking on!

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