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Mischa Barton Is Being Punished For Blowing Off Her Sex Comedy, Get The Details

Mischa Barton

We've all wanted to blow off work or school now and again (don't tell my editor), but if Ferris Bueller taught us anything, it's that you have to be careful, or you're going to get caught. Mischa Barton just learned this lesson in the most expensive way possible. A judge has now ordered the actress to pay $200,000 to the screenwriter of a film she was supposed to star in, since she went to Europe rather than do the film. That is an expensive day off. Actually, it was apparently a couple of weeks off.

The initial lawsuit was filed in 2014 but the judge's ruling was just made, and it's not good news for the former actress of The O.C. Mischa Barton had agreed to star in the film Promoted but then failed to appear at the scheduled start of filming. The reason, if you happened to view Barton's social media feeds at the time, and the filmmakers were, was that she was apparently taking a bit of a European vacation. According to TMZ, Barton may have got off easy. Screenwriter Daniel Lief says that the production delay cost the film over $300,000 in total. Apparently, when they realized they were going to need to recast Barton, the original actor in the film decided he didn't want to work with anybody else, leading to at least two roles needing to be recast. Barton had also received an advance on her pay for the film. We're assuming that was certainly part of the $200K settlement.

We'd give you the other side of this, but there really doesn't appear to be one. If there was a good reason why Mischa Barton couldn't make the scheduled start date, it hasn't come out publicly, and it's safe to say the judge didn't buy it, whatever it was. Unsurprisingly, Mischa Barton's side isn't making public statements following the verdict.

For whatever it's worth, Promoted was eventually made, and released last year, with Now You See Me 2's Justine Wachsberger in the role that was to be played by Mischa Barton and Freaks and Geeks Samm Levine in the male lead role. It's maybe possible we've figured out one reason why Barton wasn't that interested in the film.

So let that be a lesson. We've all heard horror stories about the different ways that your social media posts can come back to haunt you. Apparently, one of the ways is they can cost you $200,000 in a lawsuit.

Dirk Libbey
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