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From his early days at Saturday Night Live to most recently reprising Jacobim Mugatu in Zoolander 2, Will Ferrell has cemented himself as one of Hollywood's top comedy stars over the last two decades. You'd be hard pressed to find a role too ridiculous for him to play, and he'll be keeping himself busy with a number of movies in the coming years for people to check out his comedic material. Well, minus one, as he recently deduced to drop out of the indie comedy Captain Dad days before it was going to start shooting.

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THR dropped the news that Ferrell exited Captain Dad less than two weeks before principal photography was set to begin on September 26 in Cartegena, Colombia. It wasn't explained why he departed at the last minute, but now director/screenplay writer Sebastian Silva and his crew are trying to pick up the pieces. Producers are already looking to find Ferrell's replacement, but it's unknown whether they'll be able to keep Captain Dad's scheduled launch date or even keep the project intact. Captain Dad also stars Michael Cera, Catherine Keener and Jack Kilmer, but they're waiting to see what happens next with the movie.

As the article noted, it's ironic that Will Ferrell exited Captain Dad so abruptly given that movie revolves around a family on vacation when their plans break down, and shenanigans ensue. While this isn't the first time an actor has dropped so soon before it begins shooting, it's definitely a rare occurrence, and regarding Will Ferrell, we're wondering why he decided to leave as the last minute. Was there an unexpected scheduling conflict that he couldn't resolve? Was there a behind-the-scenes conflict that made him want to get out of there? Who knows, but him leaving doesn't bode well for Captain Dad's future.

This isn't the first time Will Ferrell has removed himself from a potential project over the last year. Back in late April, he dropped out of a movie centered around president Ronald Reagan as he succumbed to Alzheimer's during his time in office. This happened not long after backlash hit about using the disease as comedic fodder. However, that was early into the pre-production, and he wasn't even officially attached yet, so it's not like he screwed up their plans. His Captain Dad exit can definitely be described as abrupt, and for the cast and crew at least, unfortunate.

Fortunately for Will Ferrell fans, there will be plenty of other opportunities to see him on the big screen in the near future. His upcoming appearances include Zeroville, The House, The Lego Movie Sequel and Daddy's Home 2. He'll also be re-teaming with his Stepbrothers costar John C. Reilly for their own humorous take on Sherlock Holmes.

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