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There's no need to remind anyone about the huge legacy of Stan Lee and all the characters he helped create. He's got a credit on just about every major Marvel character from Spider-Man to Doctor Doom, and his cameos in the MCU have transcended being just easter eggs. With all these characters at his disposal, one has to wonder which ones would he'd most like to hang out with. If you've ever pondered that question you're in luck, because Stan Lee recently answered that very quandary.

Parade recently did an interview with Stan Lee, where he was asked which three of his superheroes would he like to have dinner with. Lee has no shortage of options, but he ended up settling on these iconic heroes:

I'd probably enjoy talking to Iron Man. I'd like to talk to Doctor Strange. I like the Silver Surfer. Iron Man is sort of a classier Donald Trump, if you can imagine that sort of thing. The Silver Surfer is always philosophical; he comments about the world and man's position in the universe, why we don't enjoy living on this wonderful planet and why we don't help each other.

Those are some decent picks, but for really weird reasons. I can't say I see the connection between Tony Stark and Donald Trump at all, or why that would make him a desirable dinner guest. If anything, Tony Stark was based more on Howard Hughes, an eccentric businessman from when Iron Man was created. Anyone who's seen The Aviator can point out the similarities between Stark and Hughes.

The Silver Surfer, one of Lee's zanier creations, actually sounds like kind of a bummer. You're just trying to enjoy dinner, and he won't shut up about how crappy your species is. Then again, The Surfer lives in space, and I'd love for him to tell me what space is like. Overall, Silver Surfer's a great character, but I doubt he's too good at small talk.

Stan Lee doesn't give much of a reason for wanting to hang out with Doctor Strange, but one can imagine that Strange is a pretty wild party guest. Interdimensional wizards tend to have some crazy work stories.

His reasons for choosing heroes might be strange, but Stan Lee makes up for it with a follow-up comment about how eating with superheroes is a gamble because he never wrote them any table manners.

But I only wrote about these characters fighting and having problems. I never really did many episodes where they were eating, so I don't even know how their table manners are.

Doctor Strange probably chews with his third eye open. Never change Stan Lee, never change.

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