Tom Hanks Has One More Wish For Zoltar In This Amusing Big Spoof

Big is one of Tom Hanks' most beloved movies. It turns out that he really liked it too. So much so that he went looking for the fortune telling machine once again to grant him another wish. The actor was a guest on The Late Show recently and he found Zoltar once again because he's got yet another wish for the magical machine. Check it out.

In 1988, Tom Hanks played the role of a boy who had been magically transformed into a man after wishing to be bigger. Now in a sketch with Stephen Colbert, Tom Hanks tries to make the wish once again, not because he wants to be older, but because he wants to be 30 years old, as he was when he made Big. At the age of 60, Hanks apparently has decided that being older really isn't all that great and he'd like to be young again. Which, as he points out to Zoltar, was the lesson that he learned in the film.

The sketch's running gag is that Zoltar apparently can't tell Tom Hanks apart from his Toy Story co-star Tim Allen. This leads to a moment where Hanks appears to go off-script for a second as the two get into a brief "Who's On First" routine regarding the confusion between the words two and too as they relate to exactly who was in which Toy Story movie. There probably could have been some great comedy there if they'd kept going. Colbert has to interrupt Hanks as he goes off on a tangent about classic comedy.

The high-point of the bit, however, may be when Tom Hanks says that he can't sell Zoltar his soul to make the wish come true because he already did that to raise the money to make That Thing You Do. For whatever it's worth, we think it was a soul well spent, as pretty much everybody here at CinemaBlend loves that movie. Zoltar does too, which is nice.

For the record, Tom Hanks was 32 when Big was released in 1988, however, the fact that it was that long ago still seems shocking. We've grown up watching Tom Hanks at the movies for so long that he never actually seems to be getting any older. He's always just been "Tom Hanks age."

While Tom Hanks might be 60 years old now, he hasn't slowed down any. He starred in the Clint Eastwood-directed biopic Sully earlier this year and will be returning to the role of Dan Brown's protagonist Robert Langdon in Inferno which hits theaters on Friday.

The only reason we'd want to see Tom Hanks become 30 years younger is because then we could get an extra 30 years of Tom hanks movies. Making Tom's son star in a movie about a fortune teller would be worth it.

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