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George Lucas

It hasn't been the best few years for George Lucas. Sure, Lucas has a couple billion dollars in the bank to have a whole lot of fun with, but he was booted from the Star Wars franchise he created when Disney bought Lucasfilm, and screenwriter David Koepp revealed earlier this week that George Lucas won't have any involvement in Indiana Jones 5. But at least George Lucas has finally found a home for the Museum of Narrative Art, which will be built in either Los Angeles or San Francisco. We've also got our first look at the designs for the buildings, and they look like they have been ripped straight from a galaxy far, far away.

George Lucas is still trying to decide whether to build the Museum Of Narrative Art in Los Angeles' Exposition Park or San Francisco's Treasure Island. To help him with his decision he recently had plans drawn of the museum in both cities. The images for the proposed Lucas Museums have now been uploaded to The Hollywood Reporter, and what's immediately apparent is how futuristic and intergalactic they appear. In fact, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that George Lucas has actually insisted that rockets are attached to the building in its foundations so that he can jettison off into space at the drop of a hat.

While probably capable, after all he is a graduate of USC's School Of Cinematic Arts, George Lucas didn't draw out these designs, though. In fact they came straight from the brain of 40-year-old Chinese architect Ma Yansong, who was clearly told to embrace a sci-fi aesthetic and evoke the feeling of extra-terrestrial ships with the buildings.

Concept art for Lucas' museum

In order to build either building, Los Angeles or San Francisco are going to need to give up quite a bit of space. That's because the museum will need anywhere between 265,000 and 275,000 square feet for interior space, 100,000 of which will be dedicated to gallery space. The plans also make room for seven acres of greenery, while an underground car park will be able to hold 1,800 vehicles.

George Lucas has had quite a hard time finding a home for his Museum Of Narrative Art. Originally he planned for it to be in Chicago. But a local preservation group from the Windy City known as Friends Of The Park soon scuppered this idea, as they repeatedly protested and resisted Lucas' attempts. In June, George Lucas clearly reached the end of his tether with this block as he suddenly announced that he would instead build the museum in California.

We're still not quite sure how much these projects will set George Lucas back, but it's been reported that the legendary filmmaker will pick between San Francisco and Los Angeles at the start of 2017. Having already secured the support of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City Of Angels is the early favorite, but having previously lived in San Francisco, sentimentality could still win out yet. Who needs Indiana Jones, lightsabers, and Chewbacca?

Museum image courtesy of Lucas Museum