Jason Momoa’s The Crow Reboot Is In Serious Trouble, Yet Again

The Crow

The world is a complicated place, a never-ending maelstrom of uncertainty and chaos that feels that it could swallow you whole at times. But if there is one constant in this place of madness from which you can ground yourself, it's that The Crow reboot will always be in trouble. After looking like it was finally on the verge of turning a camera on, The Crow reboot just hit another roadblock.

Relativity Media, the production company spearheading The Crow reboot, has lost the rights to even make said reboot. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow are now in control of the rights to the cult classic Crow film franchise and will begin development on The Crow Reborn. Samuel Hadida is the head of Davis Films and he will produce this latest iteration. Hadida is no stranger to this genre, having been involved with the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises.

This new development in the saga of The Crow reboot raises far more questions than answers. When Relativity was still in control of the rights, Corin Hardy was set to direct while Jason Momoa was lined up to star as the titular anti-hero. Now with other companies in charge, it is unclear if Hardy and Momoa are still in the picture. Davis Films and friends may choose to keep them on board, but it's unknown what sort of re-negotiating would have to take place to make it happen. So, once again, The Crow Reborn may have lost its director and star in one fell swoop.

You could pick a random name from Hollywood out of a hat, and that person was probably once rumored to star in The Crow reboot. Luke Evans was officially attached to star in the project for a while before he pulled out after a lack of progress. Jack Huston replaced him before dropping out himself when Relativity's bankruptcy put a halt to any further development. Jason Momoa was thought to be the final actor left standing, after it was announced that he had accepted the role of Eric Draven. But as of now, that's up in the air. As for directors, F. Javier Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo are some of the directors who left the project. Even the current director Corin Hardy had dropped out at one point before signing back on.

Relativity was set to begin filming back in 2015, but the project was put on hold after the company filed for bankruptcy. The studio restarted their plans in April, with the reboot potentially being one of their most valuable properties. But progress just wasn't fast enough and Relativity was put up for sale last month.

The nature of The Crow reboot is always changing, so stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available.

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