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A Walking Dead Movie? Here's What Scott Gimple Says

the walking dead movie

There are few shows in television history as successful as AMC's The Walking Dead. While the apocalyptic drama is consistently snubbed for major awards, it manages to have record breaking viewership, even into its seventh season. As such, the folks behind The Walking Dead are trying to cash in and make more money with the franchise. AMC is already having success with the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, leading many to wonder if a big screen adaptation would ever be in the works. Well, now Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple has addressed a possible movie for the franchise.

Scott Gimple recently spoke to the folks at about all things The Walking Dead. When asked about a possible movie, he said the following:

That question comes up every now and again. I'm sure one way or another, one day, it'll happen. I think it would be cool.

There we go. While there are no concrete plans, a Walking Dead movie is probably happening sometime soon. Not that we should necessarily be surprised.

The idea of a Walking Dead movie is sure to cause goosebumps for its droves of fans. The series is currently one of the most gruesome and violent shows on TV, possibly beating out the intense violence in Game of Thrones. I can only imagine the gore that would be present in a movie version, especially if it ended up being rated R. So while you may still be traumatized by Negan bashing in some heads during the Season 7 premiere, it may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Then there's the issue of language. The current disconnect between the Walking Dead TV show and comics is having to censor Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan. In the comics Negan has a mouth like a sailor, with four letter words making up the majority of his vocabulary. This is noticeably lacking in his Season 7 scenes, as AMC can't allow certain curse words on the air. But a movie adaptation could change this, and allow some of the more colorful lines of dialogue to make it into the main story.

But then there's the issue of the story itself. How will The Walking Dead bring the universe to the big screen? It seems unlikely that a Walking Dead movie would feature characters from the TV series. The stories from the show are presented methodically, so adding a movie could potentially take away from the series. Instead, they'd likely have to introduce a new set of characters, possibly with the potential for crossovers. We've seen characters from the web series make it onto Fear The Waking Dead, so that's entirely possible. Alternatively, a movie adaptation could occur if and when The Walking Dead TV series ends, expanding the story one last time for the massive audience.

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