Going into 2016, the movie business was bracing for a projected drop in business, as 2015 was pretty much a banner year for almost all involved. Yet somehow, be it the right films at the right time, or perhaps the surprise successes of films that didn't look like the massive crowd-pleasers they eventually became, the year actually managed to bring some good news to the summer season's grosses. Not to mention, Disney became the first studio to cross the $7 billion mark, so really, how bad of a year was it?

If you're one of the ten movies we're about to mention, it wasn't a bad year at all. In fact, some of these films were unknown quantities going into the year, while others seemed destined for box office failure. Yet somehow, these flicks pulled the rabbit out of their hats and made cinematic gold! They're the underrated, the downtrodden, and in some cases the outright panned. But their audiences found them, and their presence on this list is their official last laugh. Here are the 10 surprising hits of 2016's box office results.

The Forest

Gross: $37 mil.
Budget: $10 mil.
Estimated Profit: $27 mil.

We're starting things off with a horror film you probably forgot existed, The Forest turned a $10 million budget into a $37 million payday at the box office. In the first weekend alone, the film managed to cover its meager budget, despite Star Wars: The Force Awakens and two other competitors burying it in fourth place. So the oncoming weeks were nothing but profit for Focus Features' opening salvo for 2016. It just goes to show that if you budget your horror movie just right, you can make a mountain out of a molehill yet.

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