Some of the best movies are the ones that can get a real reaction out of you. The great comedies make you laugh; the great horror movies make you scream; and the great dramas make you cry. We're here to celebrate a wholly different kind of reaction, however: the "WTF." These are the cinematic moments where your brain can't fully comprehend exactly what it's seeing on the screen, whether its incredibly gross, ridiculously weird, or insanely stupid. This list is going to celebrate all of the above.

So what were the best WTF moments in the year of cinema, 2016? Well, we've collected a list of our 10 favorites, and you'll find them all below and on the next few pages. Read on, and tell us what your favorite fucked up scenes were in the comments section below.

Spoiler Warning: The following entries contains spoilers for a variety of 2016 movies. If you have no yet seen any of the movies featured here, please hit the "next page" button at the bottom to avoid ruining anything for yourself! For your consideration, we've started with a very non-spoiler scene...

The Opening of Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals doesn't waste a single frame before jumping into one of the best WTF moments of the year in cinema. While it has nothing to do with the plot of the film, and really can only be explained away as "art," the opening credits of the noir drama brazenly feature a number of completely naked older women who I will politely describe as out of shape. The sequence goes on for a few minutes, featuring a wide variety of angles as the filmmakers and stars appear, until finally its revealed to be a part of an exhibition being showcased by Susan Morrow (Amy Adams). We're still scratching our heads about this one, and we don't expect the definitive or reasonable explanation to appear any time soon.

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