Rian Johnson Just Revealed A Last Jedi Image That Is Sure To Make Star Wars Purists Happy

Now that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has had more than a month to entertain moviegoers, we can dedicate our full attention to the next movie in the Star Wars lineup, Episode VIII. Or, as it we've known it since yesterday, The Last Jedi. The title announcement came as a pleasant surprise yesterday, and an added bonus, director Rian Johnson has posted an image which is sure to delight Star Wars fans everywhere: that familiar opening crawl.

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Earlier today, Rian Johnson posted the above photo on his Instagram page, showing a member of the Episode VIII crew working in the edit bay with an R2-D2 sentry keeping watch over the operation. The big draw, though, is the screen on the left side showing The Last Jedi, which, as Johnson says in the caption, was just added into the movie's current cut. While Rogue One opted to leave out the classic Star Wars opening crawl in favor of a prologue that took place over a decade before the main events of the movie, The Last Jedi will stick with tradition and begin with the familiar text set-up. It's simple, but welcome.

For months, Star Wars fans have been waiting to learn what Episode VIII's title would be, and yesterday morning with no prior hints, Lucasfilm announced that it would be The Last Jedi. Since then, there's been rampant speculation about who this last Jedi is and what the significant of the red lettering is, but it's great to finally have a title for the eighth main Star Wars movie. Of course, since The Last Jedi doesn't come out until December, Rian Johnson and his team still have plenty of work to do to to perfect the final product. Who knows, maybe like The Force Awakens and Rogue One, there will be reshoots down the line.

Even with Episode VIII now publicly being known as The Last Jedi, there are still plenty of secrets surrounding the next Star Wars movie. Other than Han Solo, all of The Force Awakens' main cast is returning, while three of the new characters will be played by Laura Dern, Benicio del Toro and Kelly Marie Tran, respectively. That's as deep as Lucasfilm is willing to go with information, but some of the unofficial reports that have come out include Rey having to fight a sea monster on Ahch-To, Kylo Ren dressing more like Darth Vader, Finn going on a secret mission for The Resistance and Supreme Leader Snoke being acted out with a puppet. With Star Wars Celebration coming up this April, hopefully we'll have our first trailer for The Last Jedi by then.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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