Quality Is Far More Important Than Immediacy In Sequel Production

Over time, we have seen plenty of bad sequels that took a long time to arrive. Hell, just last year saw the unfortunate delivery of Zoolander 2, which arrived 15 years after its predecessor and very much felt like it. Because of a few bad eggs, it's easy to dismiss decade-plus-later sequels... but Split very clearly runs contrary to the norm. And it's a perfect demonstration that a follow-up can really be made at any time -- it just ultimately matters that the quality of the story being told is up to snuff.

Going back to the first point, Split is a surprisingly inventive sequel in that it takes the themes of Unbreakable and flips them on their head (with "opposites" weirdly itself being a theme of the 2000 film). It was a concept that it clearly took M. Night Shyamalan more than 15 years to develop, but that time that is totally negligible in the face of the quality of the finished product. So let Split stand as an example to the major studios that they don't really need to rush projects along in order to keep up with what they assume is a short attention span. If the idea is strong enough, audiences will come back.

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