The Scarface Remake Just Hit A Huge Obstacle

Scarface Al Pacino

There must be something in the air, as "departure" seems to be the key theme of Hollywood's breaking news. Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who, Ben Affleck will no longer be directing the Batman solo film, and now Scarface's remake has lost its director, as Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) has left the director's chair wide open. So if you're looking for that dream job in Hollywood, there's three new vacancies that have just opened up.

The Hollywood Reporter was the herald of bad news, stating that Fuqua's departure comes with the two most common caveats in the business: scheduling conflicts and increased focus on another project. The Universal remake is now in limbo, with Diego Luna attached to play the titular role of a Latino gangster, whose kingdom would be centered around 1990's Los Angeles in this third bite at the thematic apple. However, you Antoine Fuqua fans will probably be celebrating this shifting of gears, as the other project the Magnificent Seven helmer has prioritized is the sequel to The Equalizer.

The fact that The Equalizer 2 is gathering steam at Sony shouldn't be that big of a surprise to anyone, as the original film was quite the hit in 2014. Mix that with Denzel Washington's recent rounds in the spotlight thanks to Fences making some hay with prestige season, as well as The Magnificent Seven minting itself as yet another hit between the three parties, and you might be surprised this didn't happen sooner. So now, with Fuqua occupied with a world he's already laid the foundation for, two questions remain: should Scarface wait for Antoine Fuqua's schedule to free up again, and is it worth it to make another version of the iconic drama?

The Equalizer Denzel Washington

Well, as far as Antoine Fuqua's participation is concerned, it may be best to let the man move on with his career. There's always a chance that he could come back and try to spark things up again, which would be a welcomed turn of events. But at the same time, Scarface could always use another remake, especially in our modern times. While refreshes of classic properties usually mean bad news, Scarface has stood as a story of how the criminal underworld evolves, as well as how the American Dream isn't so far off from the life of a gangster. It feels like an idea whose time has come... again. Also, you had us at Diego Luna's casting, because he'd be a beast in this movie.

As it stands, Scarface is still looking for a director, with Universal hoping to find one for a production start slated for this spring. When we receive an update on the status of the project, you'll be the first to know from us here at Cinema Blend!

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