The Star Wars Gift Rian Johnson Gave John Boyega Raises A Ton Of Questions

We all want more details about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We're always looking for new information that he didn't have before. Now, John Boyega has provided some and none of it makes any damn sense. He posted an image of a piece of artwork that was apparently given to him by The Last Jedi's director, it reveals to us a single word that will apparently be part of the film, but the word is very nearly gibberish. What exactly is a bio-hexacrypt?

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Apparently, this lovely piece of art which shows John Boyega's Finn in a state terror, pain or both, was a gift from Rian Johnson and has something to do with Boyega's issues dealing with "complex Star Wars lingo." This would seem to imply that bio-hexacrypt is a word in the script that Boyega likely had to say, but had some trouble with. It's certainly not a phrase that trips off the tongue.

But what exactly does the word mean? Is there anything we can learn about Star Wars: The Last Jedi if we can translate bio-hexacrypt into something that approximates English? There're a few different directions we can go with it.

If we look at the word and break it down we start with bio, a prefix referring to life, hex, which is a numerical prefix that means six in greek, and the word crypt, a stone chamber generally used for storing bodies. So is a "hexacrypt" a location for storing six bodies? Maybe. However, with the bio prefix in front of it, it makes us wonder if this supposed crypt is housing six dead bodies, or six live ones.

Taking the same idea in a slightly different direction, perhaps a bio-hexacrypt is some sort of medical device, similar to a bacta tank. Maybe the injured Finn is placed inside it to help with his healing. A recent rumor implied Finn could be placed inside a "bacta suit" to help him heal. Maybe that's what this is.

Luke Skywalker in a bacta tank in The Empire Strikes Back

Of course, it's possible that the word crypt here is being used in its prefix form as well, meaning something that is hidden, as in cryptography. The hex prefix works a little better with crypt in this regard as hex could be a mathematical reference. Maybe bio-hexacrypt is a word used in reference to a computer system. Maybe bio-hexacrypt is a way to hack some sort of biometric security measure on a computer system. If there's data that The First Order has that Finn is trying to obtain, perhaps this is a stumbling block to getting to it.

So while this single word that is apparently in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi script doesn't necessarily tell us much, it will certainly give us something to talk about. If you've got an idea on what bio-hexacrypt means, drop it in the comments. Perhaps we can talk it out and figure out where the word fits in the story together.

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