Watch How Happy Tom Cruise Is Doing An Insane Stunt For The Mummy

It's a well-known fact that Tom Cruise does pretty much all his own stunts in his movies. Now a new video that goes behind the scenes of his new film The Mummy shows us just how much he enjoys stunt work. You've seen Tom Crusie in zero-G in the first trailer for The Mummy. Check out how the stunt was done, and get a look at how excited the actor is when he learns what he'll be doing.

Pulling off weightlessness in the movies can be done one of two ways. You can put your actors in harnesses and fake it with CGI, or you can go straight up in the air and then drop really fast in order to make it happen for real. This was the method that they decided to go with in The Mummy, and since Tom Cruise is a guy who doesn't mind hanging from airplanes or the world's tallest building, you can bet he wasn't going to let any stunt double pull this one off for him.

The scene in the trailer shows Tom Crusie and his co-star Annabelle Wallis transporting a sarcophagus via cargo plane when they collide with hundreds of birds head on. It shatters the windows of the plane and sends it into freefall, which in turn sends the actors tumbling through the hold.

In the video posted by The Mummy's You Tube account, we see the explanation being given as to how the plane will be moving in order to achieve weightlessness for the actors and crew on board. What we can't get over though is the smile on the face of Tom Crusie. He looks like a kid in a candy store. You can tell by looking at him that he can't wait to get up there and actually get tossed around in zero gravity.

Tom Cruise smiling during The Mummy shoot

Tom Cruise loves doing his own stunt work so much that in the past he has fired insurance companies that wouldn't insure him to do the work. One can imagine that a stunt like this was part of what attracted him to the role of Nick Morton in The Mummy in the first place. The film will be the launch point of a new cinematic universe that will feature all of Universal's classic monsters. We're expecting films with The Invisible Man and more to follow.

You can check out Tom Cruise's zero-G stunt when The Mummy hits screens June 9.

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