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This is going to be a huge year for Stephen King and his fans. The Dark Tower is getting off the ground at Sony, and the author's infamous IT is making its way to theaters, bringing the terrifying clown Pennywise to life. Directed by Andres Muschietti, IT is expected to tell one half of King's beloved novel, sharing the story of several young children who become fast friends when they have to confront a centuries-old monster that's threatening their town of Derry, Maine. A trailer is coming, but first, we get a quick tease:

Tomorrow…IT is coming. #ITMovie

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The kicker of this new video, posted to the movie's new Instagram page, is the line "We all float down here." It's an indication that Pennywise uses the sewer system underneath Derry as his menacing lair, and it's the scene of a major confrontation between the monster (who usually assumes the appearance of a clown) and the kids who mist find the courage to stop IT. That line is used in the opening scene of Stephen King's novel, a scene we expect to see in the trailer that arrives on Wednesday, of little Georgie getting his arm ripped off when he reaches into the sewers to take a balloon from Pennywise. It's about as horrifying as it sounds.

Speaking of those damn floating balloons, they are front and center on the new poster shared on the IT Instagram page. Check it out below:

You’ll float too. #ITMovie

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Damn, that clown is terrifying. If you look closely, through the balloon, you can see Pennywise (as played in the new IT movie by Bill Skarsgard) offering this "treat" to a young child... likely George, because of the rain slicker. I just know I'm going to get goosebumps when I finally see that scene play out on screen.

IT is expected to be a two-part movie event, with the sequel following up with the same characters -- now adults -- forced to reunite when the evil monster they thought they killed resurfaces decades later. Stephen King found a way to intertwine his stories, but Warner Bros. appears to want to split them apart, and tell them in separate movies. This means Andres Muschietti's first movie is going to have to perform well enough to justify the second story... or the adults in King's IT story might be left in limbo.

Come back on Wednesday for the full trailer for IT. We will have it on the site as soon as it drops. The movie opens in theaters on September 8. Have you read the book? Will you check this movie out?

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