This VR Experience Forces You To Watch Nic Cage Movies While In A Cage

nic Cage in the Cage Cage homepage

Bad news everyone, we need to close the internet immediately as it has just reached its zenith. That's because two ingenious individuals have created a Virtual Reality simulation of what it is like to be trapped inside a cage and then forced to watch Nicolas Cage movies. It's entitled The Cage Cage, and depending on your feelings towards the actor it is either the clearest depiction of heaven yet, or a new form of torture that instantly needs to be made illegal.

"Artfully crafted" by Mike Lacher and Chris Baker, when you click onto The Cage Cage you're greeted by a big beautiful image of Nicolas Cage's face and his piercing baby blue eyes. You're then provided with the helpful introduction that welcomes you to The Cage Cage. Once you've taken a deep breath and said ten Hail Marys you can then click on the start button, which takes you pass the main page, puts you in a four walled room, and surrounds you with black metal bars. At the same time, a Nicolas Cage movie plays on each of the walls, and with your mouse you're allowed to scroll either clockwise or anti-clockwise so you can focus on one or watch two in tandem. That heaven or hellish atmosphere looks like this:

The Cage Cage

While The Cage Cage was meant to be viewed through a VR headset, even when you watch it on a desktop it is clearly apparent that the world has just been changed for the better forever. Even though Mike Lacher had no need to explain his work, and actually probably should have just left it up on the internet, void of description, for people to interpret for generations, he recently spoke to The Huffington Post about how The Cage Cage got started. Mike Lacher explained,

When Chris [Baker] suggested we make a cage where you're surrounded by Nic Cage movies, we had no choice but to see it to completion. Watching one Nic Cage movie is great, but watching four simultaneously while locked in a cage is even better.

Clearly divine inspiration was at hand when Mike Lacher finally got down to work on The Cage Cage, because he insists that he was able to mangle it together in just a couple of hours, while he also hopes that this experience will provide the world with a "whole new appreciation" for Nicolas Cage's performances on the big-screen. Fingers crossed that this is just the beginning, though, because obviously his next project should see him create a similar Virtual Reality simulation where you are forced to watch Kevin Hart's oeuvre from inside a beating heart.

Gregory Wakeman