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Back To The Future Doc and Marty in the Delorean

If you grew up watching Back To The Future as a kid, you more than likely have always wanted to drive a Delorean. Should you ever be granted such a wish, your instincts would tell you to open up that baby to 88 miles per hour, just to see some serious shit. Well, Californian Spencer White did just that recently, and indeed he did see some serious shit: he was written a speeding ticket by the California Highway Patrol.

White was cruising on Highway 14 with his mother on Friday night, on his initial drive in his dream car. Of course, spotting the 85 mph speed he was doing at the time, his Back To The Future fandom urged him to go the extra three miles to make the legendary speed his own. Which was about the same time the police officer who nabbed him noticed his rather excessive speed. Though the officer wasn't without a sense of humor, as he asked Spencer White if he had a flux capacitor in his car.

Obviously, I don't condone breaking the law, much less the speed limit. Safe living and safer driving are important for all, and I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. But even I have to admit that the lure of driving a 1980's speed machine at the correct cruising speed for time travel is something I'd struggle resisting. Especially if the car not only was outfitted with the flux capacitor, but also if I just happened to have a copy of one of the Back To The Future soundtracks. That theme was practically made for speeding, but even just the car itself is enough to cause some trouble, as you can see with Spencer White's dilemma.

Thinking about White's dream of owning a Delorean, and making the 88 mile per hour mark, kind of has me thinking: why not create a race track with various movie vehicles? Imagine the Delorean racing the Ecto-Mobile from Ghostbusters, an Aston Martin from the James Bond series, and The Bandit's Trans-Am from Smokey and The Bandit. No speed limits, just the limits of the drivers and their safety. Surely it'd be a better way for people to satisfy their inner speed freak, rather than blazing a trail down the highway. Then again, that could be dangerous in and of itself, but it's a starter idea that needs some more refining.

Here's hoping that Spencer White's speeding ticket isn't too large of a fine, though according to Santa Clarita Valley's The Signal, it looks like it'll be a bit of a whopper. Whether it's worth it or not is subjective, but for a brief moment, White got to impress his mother and live the dream. Though if you want to relive the moment of insane speed and temporal physics, without the potential accident and/or speeding ticket, you can watch Back To The Future on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, and probably a random cable channel at this very moment.