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The Mummy

There's a lot riding on Universal's Dark Universe, and that means that's really important that the first film does well, so what do people think of The Mummy? The reviews for the new film and...well, it's not clear really. Opinions seem to be quite mixed while some thought the movie was a great deal of fun, and others really didn't like it. Ain't It Cool's Harry Knowles apparently wasn't expecting The Mummy to be what it was, but he thought it was fantastic.

Similarly, Collider's John Campea also enjoyed the film, so much so that he included an archeology joke. You have to be in a good mood after a movie to make intentionally bad jokes like this.

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The Mummy is a franchise launching movie as Universal is going back to the vault and dusting off all of their classic movie monsters and putting them into one large shared universe, MCU style. If people get attached to The Mummy it's a very good sign for the future of the larger project. If not, it means that the entire franchise will start at a disadvantage. Polygon is of the opinion that The Mummy is far from the exciting fun that we've previously seen, calling the movie boring.

One of the X-factors going into the film was the fact that The Mummy had one of the biggest movie stars in the world on board in Tom Cruise. While this could have been a major benefit, Indiewire calls the film the worst thing Tom Cruise has ever done. Which seems like quite a statement for an actor who has Cocktail on his resume.

Overall it's looking like these latter reviews may be forming the general consensus. Much of the criticism seems to come from the fact that The Mummy can't be content with simply being its own film, but it has to also launch a franchise. That seems to perhaps be a little too much of a load for the film to carry. However, nobody can argue that it isn't full of action, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll find it here.

While the start of the Dark Universe may not have completely crashed and burned, it appears that it may have at the very least stumbled out of the gate. Having said that, there are clearly those who enjoyed the movie, and some of them apparently loved The Mummy which means that there will be audience members who will as well. Stay tuned for CinemaBlend for our own take on the film. The Mummy arrives in theaters on Friday.

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