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Artemis book cover

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have built up their Hollywood directing profile since the beginning of the decade with the Jump Street movies and The LEGO Movie. However, the duo was let go from the Han Solo movie in late June, and since then many have wondered what Lord and Miller will tackle next after their unceremonious exit from a galaxy far, far away. Now we have that answer, and interestingly enough, they'll be sticking to outer space, as Lord and Miller have been tapped to helm Artemis, the upcoming movie based off of The Martian author Andy Weir's forthcoming book.

The Artemis novel won't hit bookshelves until November, but it's been announced Phil Lord and Chris Miller are now at work developing the cinematic adaptation for 20th Century Fox, the same studio that released The Martian. Fox acquired the film rights to Artemis back in May, and the project is said to be a "big priority" for the studio. Lord and Miller's first task will be to find a writer to turn Weir's book into a script. So for those of you who thought that Lord and Miller might return to the world of DC Comics and direct The Flash's solo movie (which they wrote a treatment for a few years ago), you're out of luck. In fact, Deadline's report mentions that the men were enticed by the idea of building a sci-fi world from scratch rather than playing around in an existing franchise, as they've done several times already.

The Martian movie proved to be tremendously successful for Fox back in late 2015 and early 2016, making over $630 million worldwide, winning two Golden Globes and nominated for seven Academy Awards. No doubt Fox is hoping to replicate that kind of success with Artemis. As for Artemis' story (which is described as an "adrenaline-charged crime caper"), it revolves around a criminal named Jasmine Bashara who lives on Artemis, the first and only city located on the moon. Life in that metropolis is difficult if you're not ridiculously wealthy, so Jasmine lives a small life of crime on the side to supplement her measly income from her day job as a porter. But when the opportunity to snag an incredible score presents itself, "Jazz" understandably can't turn it down, though that soon results in her getting caught up in a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself.

While Artemis marks Phil Lord and Chris Miller's next directing gig, it isn't the only project they have coming up. The duo also penned Sony's animated Spider-Man movie (which stars Miles Morales as the Webbed Wonder rather than Peter Parker), and they're writing and producing The LEGO Movie Sequel. Over in the realm of television, Lord and Miller also executive producing the LEGO spinoff series Unikitty, consulting on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series and sold a pilot to ABC called We Can Do Better.

No release date has been set for the Artemis movie yet, but you can pick up the book starting November 17. While we wait for more news about Artemis, look through our 2017 and 2018 movie premiere guides to find out what's hitting theaters over the next year.