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Star Wars The Last Rey Lightsaber

Although the initial intention with the upcoming Star Wars films was to hand the films off to relative up-and-comers like Colin Trevorrow or Phil Lord and Chris Miller, things have changed a bit, with veterans like J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard taking over Star Wars: Episode IX and Solo: A Star Wars Story, respectively. So what about another heavy-hitter like David Fincher? Would he be interested in following that path? As it turns out, the Fight Club director recently opened up, and admitted that he doesn't want to join the Star Wars franchise because he doesn't want to deal with the series' expectations. Fincher explained:

I talked to [producer Kathleen Kennedy] about that and look, it's a plum assignment. I don't know what's worse: being George Lucas on the set of the first one where everyone's going, 'Alderaan? What the hell is this?' Where everyone's making fun, but I can't imagine the kind of intestinal fortitude one has to have following up the success of these last two. That's a whole other level. One is that you have to endure the withering abuse of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, and the other is you have to live up to a billion or a billion-five, and that becomes its own kind of pressure.

Per David Fincher's recent comments during an appearance on the Empire Podcast, he seems to have a deep understanding of how much stress goes into a Star Wars movie. The blockbuster fantasy franchise is riding high off of some stellar box office performances for The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so Fincher would find himself compelled to face some lofty expectations from fans and the studio. Between being a pioneer like George Lucas forced to introduce the entire world to this insane galaxy and being another director trying to live up to those expectations, Star Wars feels like a no-win situation for Fincher.

David Fincher is not without his own set of experience in this particular field -- especially in the realm of science fiction. After all, early in his career, he took the reins on the production for the infamous third installment in the Alien franchise.

Alien 3 Xenomporph Sigourney Weaver

While Alien 3 certainly has its fair share of champions within the overarching Alien franchise fanbase, it's still regarded by many members of the mainstream audience as one of the weaker entries in the series to date. He has seen first-hand what can happen when franchise expectations and studio oversight (which was notorious on Alien 3) play a role in a significant series' overall creative vision, so it makes sense for him to think that the same could potentially happen on his possible version of Star Wars.

You can catch David Fincher's latest creative offering in the form of Mindhunter, which is currently available to stream on Netflix. As for the Star Wars franchise, Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi will debut in theaters later this year on December 15. Tickets for The Last Jedi are now available, so make sure to get yours now.

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