Fandoms Collide When Stan Lee Meets Star Wars: The Last Jedi's BB-8

We live in a golden age if you're a genre movie fan as we're now getting all the comic book movies we can handle along with a regular drip feed of Star Wars. Over the weekend, those two fandoms met in a fantastic moment. During the L.A. Comic- Con that bears his name, a picture was snapped of Marvel's Stan Lee sitting with Star Wars droid favorite BB-8. The pair appears to be involved in a very deep conversation. Check it out.

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This picture is great because it honestly looks like it was snapped in mid-conversation between the two icons. Stan Lee is sitting and looking down at BB-8, who seems to be looking up at him. It's like BB-8 is intently listening to something Stan Lee is telling him, the way most of us would if we ever found ourselves having a conversation with him.

Alternatively, Stan Lee looks like a guy sitting on a park bench trying to feed a small droid.

Most fans are just gushing in the Instagram comments because the picture just looks so sweet. It also combines two different parts of popular film right now, so even if you're only a big a fan of one of these things, you can probably still enjoy the image.

Although, one has to wonder, since Disney owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel, did Mickey Mouse actually arrange for this picture to happen? It has the look of it being a candid moment, there are other people around snapping the same photo as if this is something that just sort of happened in the hall, but maybe this was all an elaborate setup by Disney in order to bring these two major franchises together, a summit meeting of sorts.

Both Marvel and Star Wars fans have something to look forward to this fall, as the MCU gets a new entry in Thor: Ragnarok which will be out this week, while the middle entry of the new Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is getting ready to bow in December. Stan Lee has a cameo in the former film, while BB-8 will likely have a significant role in the latter, though possibly not as large as he had in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We'd love to have been a fly on the wall and hear what these two were actually discussing. Is Stan Lee looking for more places to cameo? Does BB-8 have a favorite Marvel superhero he wants to talk about? Maybe BB-8 now has all the Avengers: Infinity War information that we wish we had. After all, the rest of us can't understand him so it's not like he can leak the details.

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