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New Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spot Flies In The Face Of Those Rey Rumors

The most recent trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi set off a flurry of rumor and speculation about the new film, as it pertained to Daisy Ridley's Rey. However, a new TV spot would seem to contradict what that trailer was implying. The spot contains some new dialogue between Rey and Luke Skywalker, which specifically pertains to Luke's attempt to train Ben Solo, before he turned to the Dark Side. Rey tells Luke that Kylo Ren failed him, and she promises that she won't, which would seem to imply that Rey won't be making a turn herself. Check out the ad below. The key dialogue is around the 35-second mark.

The last trailer for The Last Trailer really tried to tease the idea that Rey could join Kylo Ren, with her lines about trying to find a place in the world, and asking for help finding it, before we see Ren's hand seemingly reaching out to her. This TV spot, on the other hand, goes just as hard in the other direction, with Rey promising Luke that she won't fail the way that Ben Solo did.

We've also seen in the trailers that Luke is not certain about training Rey, due to the experience he had training, and losing, Ben Solo. This is likely Rey's plea to convince him to do it. She's promising she won't fail like he did. It's very likely this sort of statement will work with Luke. It is, after all, very similar to what Luke himself said to Yoda back when he was looking for his own Jedi training. This moment from Rey seems genuine, like she is truly committed to not failing.

While it's still possible that Rey could ultimately decide to turn on Luke, we're not sure that's the case. Pretty much everything here shows Rey and Luke working well together. There's little to suggest any reason Rey wouldn't fully accept the training she's getting. The trailer always gave an impression that it was being selectively edited to imply Rey's Dark Side turn, and it wasn't perfectly convincing. At least with this declaration, we have an alternate option. It could go either way. Neither conclusion is completely guaranteed.

The TV spot does tease us in a different way, however. At one point Luke asks Rey "who are you?" While this confirms that Luke himself doesn't know the answer, one assumes that Rey will answer his question, at least as far as she knows it, seemingly revealing we'll get some answers of our own.

It looks like we'll have to, you know, actually watch the movie in order to see where things go. If you want to do that early you may want to pre-order tickets (opens in new tab). Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

Dirk Libbey
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