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One Way To Watch Coco In Spanish In Theaters


Next week, Pixar's latest animation, Coco, will arrive in theaters. The family-friendly movie is based on the Day of the Dead tradition in Mexico, offering what sounds like a fun, and tear-jerking, imagining of the Spanish holiday. The movie is already slaughtering at the box office in Mexico and it stands to reason that when the movie opens domestically next weekend that there will be plenty of Spanish-speaking families who want to see it in theaters. However, if there is someone in your party who does not speak English then there is still an opportunity for them to enjoy the movie thanks to an audio app for your phone.

Lee Unkrich, a favorite director over at Pixar, is the co-director of Coco and he recently shared some helpful information for those non-English speaking moviegoers wishing to see Coco. While Coco will be screened in Spanish in some US theaters, Unkrich shared via a message on Twitter that people who don't speak English as a first language, and don't have access to one of these screenings, can download an app to their smart device that will translate Coco to Spanish (or any other language available) right there in the theater. Called Theater Ears, the app utilizes technology that allows the user to sync directly with the movie through their phone's microphone.

Simply download the Theater Ears app to your device and then select the movie you'd like to watch. Choose which language you would like the audio to be translated to and then it will download onto your phone. Then when the movie begins, put on your headphones and activate the app. Wait 30 seconds for the audio to sync and you'll be able to listen to the movie in your preferred language right there in the movie theater. Theater Ear also has features to accommodate the blind and the hearing impaired. Technology!

This is an incredibly useful feature for families who have problems with a language barrier when they want to spend the day out at the movie theater. Based on early reviews, Pixar has another hit on their hands, so Coco sounds like the perfect opportunity for Spanish-speakers to test out the app. Coco follows the story of Miguel, an aspiring musician who is limited by his families ancestral ban on music. Miguel travels the Land of the Dead to solve the mystery and connect with his family and musical idol.

Coco is out in theaters on November 22, 2018. For more updates on the movie, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available. To learn more about all the other future Pixar films coming to theaters in the near and far future, make sure to check out our Pixar movie release guide for all the big debuts.

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