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Pixar's Coco may have just opened, but that hasn't stopped the movie from setting records. The movie is expected to put up some solid numbers at the box office over the holiday weekend, but that's nothing compared to what the film has already done. While Coco was just released here on Wednesday, it was released in Mexico early, and the film has already become the highest grossing film in the country's history.

The previous top movie in Mexican history was Marvel's The Avengers, but according to Deadline, Coco was able to overcome its box office total over the course of only about 19 days. Interestingly, Avengers still looks like the box office champ when everything is converted into dollars, but that's only because of staggeringly different exchange rates between the US and Mexico in 2012 compared to today. Avengers made more dollars in 2012, but the Mexican people are spending far more on Coco. Math is weird.

It's not particularly surprising that Mexico has gravitated so strongly to Coco. The film is about Mexican culture, after all, a topic that doesn't often become the subject of a major Hollywood movie, nevermind a film that the entire family can enjoy. Coco sees aspiring young musician Miguel growing up in a family that has abolished all music. On The Day of the Dead, Miguel finds himself in the land of the dead, where he meets members of his family that have passed away, and learns about the events true events that led to music being taken out of his family.

It seems clear that Mexico has embraced Coco message and themes. Pixar usually does their homework to make sure they properly represent their subjects and it looks like Mexico has given their approval for the work that Pixar has done.

Coco's box office success domestically is also looking pretty good. The movie even has a solid chance of winning the Thanksgiving weekend, even with the strong contender of Justice League breathing down its neck. The latest DC superhero movie put up an impressive, but also lower than expected, $94 million in its opening weekend. While the long holiday weekend will likely add significantly to that total, it's also possible that the more family-friendly film could be the one that audiences gravitate toward more, giving Coco the boost. The Pixar film is already off to a good start, taking over $12 million on Wednesday with over $2 million in Tuesday evening preview screenings.

The Thanksgiving weekend has been a home of major Disney releases in the past and it will be in the future as well. Moana and Frozen saw their debuts during the same weekend, and next year will see the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

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