Why IT Doesn’t Need An Extended Cut, According To Jaeden Lieberher

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Andy Muschietti's IT made horror history earlier this year by becoming a bonafide box office sensation, and it is clear that there's a lot of audience goodwill towards the nostalgia-filled terror fest. With the home release finally upon us, many fans are looking forward to seeing the director's cut. That said, CinemaBlend recently sat down with the young stars of IT at the home release junket in Los Angeles, and Bill actor Jaeden Lieberher explained that he does not think the film needs an extended edition, because the cuts were made for a reason. When we asked if he wanted to see an extended cut, the 14-year-old performer said:

No, not necessarily because I was saying this before, but everything is cut out of the movie for a reason. But I am excited to see, because there was one scene where I had to wear this harness. I actually climb up the big tower of toys, so that was an interesting scene to film and it was hard to see it not be in the movie but it all works out for a reason.

This decision to cut specific scenes from the movie also just makes sense in terms of economical storytelling. Clocking in at a relatively robust two hours and fifteen minutes in length, IT is already considerably longer than the average horror movie -- for comparison's sake, films like Annabelle: Creation and Get Out both run under two hours. The extra scenes (such as the one in which Bill climbs the tower of toys) were obviously important to everyone involved in the production, but they also realized that cutting them from the theatrical version of the movie helped maintain pacing.

If you are looking for a closer glimpse at CinemaBlend's conversation with the cast of IT, then make sure to take a glance at a clip from the interview below!

Another thing worth mentioning about removing some of these scenes from IT and keeping it relatively lean is the fact that they could potentially be used in the next installment in the franchise. Elsewhere in CinemaBlend's interviews with the young IT stars, they made it clear that they would want to appear in IT: Chapter 2 through flashbacks and some of these cut sequences could help flesh out Derry, Maine in the 1980s even further.

IT is currently available on Digital HD, and the DVD and Blu-ray editions of 2017's best horror film will hit shelves (opens in new tab) next year on January 9. IT: Chapter 2 is slated to debut in theaters on September 6, 2019.

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