New Batman V Superman Concept Art Shows A Much Different Costume For The Dark Knight

Batman has one of the most recognizable costumes in all of comics, but his movie outfits have evolved considerably over the years. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced audiences to the most visually-faithful incarnation of the suit ever seen on film, but it turns out that we almost got a considerably more high-tech version of the suit.. In fact, concept artist Jerad S.Marantz has just released an unused design showing the badass armor. Check it out, below!

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As you can see, this is a pretty far cry from the version of the suit that ultimately ended up appearing in Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. This version of the Batman suit incorporates considerably more technology into its design, and features a lot more armor than we're used to seeing on the Caped Crusader -- even by comparison to the suits introduced in more realistic films like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Of course, the biggest difference also arguably lies with the fact that this suit has white eyes, which is something that live-action Batmen haven't really embraced yet.

Despite the fact that this design was never used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a suit reminiscent of its design did eventually show up in a later DCEU film. In Justice League, Batman swaps out his classic Frank Miller suit for a more heavily-armored and tactical version of his traditional outfit. Oddly enough, it seems to share a number of similarities with the unused suit.

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In the end, it could arguably be considered a good thing that Batman v Superman didn't use the armored suit. Starting Batman off in a more traditional outfit helps establish the visual fidelity to the comics. Beyond that, however, having Batman in a much more vulnerable suit earlier in the film helps justify his need to hop into the classic Dark Knight Returns Batman vs Superman armor that fans have come to know and love.

Batman's suits will likely continue to evolve as the DCEU will push forward, and we will bring you more information about all of the franchise's upcoming projects, as well as the actor who will eventually step in for Ben Affleck once he steps down from the role. With that in mind, the silver screen DC world will press forward when James Wan's Aquaman premieres in theaters later this year on December 21.

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