The NFL's Rob Gronkowski Just Joined A Mel Gibson Action Movie

Rob Gronkowski

Although his team didn't deliver at the Super Bowl this year, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's star is still shining as bright as ever. The Patriot, who has begun to build a post-football acting career for himself in recent years, has just landed a role in his most high-profile project yet. Rob Gronkowski will be joining Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo in The Grey director Joe Carnahan's upcoming action movie, Boss Level.

The Borey Brothers wrote the script for Boss Level, which will also star Naomi Watts, Will Sasso and Annabelle Wallis. The film will follow Frank Grillo in the lead role as a retired Special Forces veteran who finds himself trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death. According to The Tracking Board, Gronk will be joining the film in an unspecified role. We don't know the extent of the role yet ,but given the premise, it's probably safe to say that it will be action-oriented.

This is just another step for the football player who has begun to open up less concussive opportunities for himself. Initially acting in projects like Entourage, Family Guy and The Clapper as himself, Rob Gronkowski has started to take on roles where he is playing a character. Just last year he appeared in American Violence and You Can't Have It. He has also appeared on WWE programming, giving himself another avenue he can pursue should he retire from the NFL. The football star clearly has the charisma and physicality for something like professional wrestling, but acting is entirely different. I imagine with this latest project he is looking to prove that he can act well enough to become just the latest in a long line of athletes who made the transition to action star.

The premise of Boss Level in and of itself isn't particularly exciting, but it is a tried and true format. The Groundhog Day time loop has been used to varying effect in movies and TV shows. Just last year, Blumhouse's Happy Death Day took the time loop structure to the horror genre, and back in 2014, Doug Liman's criminally underseen Edge of Tomorrow proved the format's effectiveness in an action genre. With Crossbones himself, Frank Grillo, leading Boss Level alongside the always entertaining Mel Gibson, and with Joe Carnahan behind the camera, this could be a new action classic. Joe Carnahan has actually been pursuing this passion project for some time that once went by the title Continue. The director and Frank Grillo are also both attached to the perpetually delayed remake of The Raid, so hopefully they bring that same level of lofty action ambitions to Boss Level.

Boss Level is now filming, though no release date has yet been set. For all the movies this year that have reserved a spot on the calendar, check out our release schedule.

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