IT Chapter Two Has Just Cast Another Book Character

Taylor Frey

Last year's biggest horror hit (and really the biggest horror movie ever at the box office) was the cinematic adaptation of Stephen King's IT. That film was just the first half of the story, because just like the 1990 miniseries, this tale takes time to tell. Filming is officially underway on the eagerly anticipated sequel, IT Chapter Two. All of the adult members of the Losers' Club have been cast, but more names are still being added to the impressive cast list for this horror sequel. The latest name to join IT Chapter Two, in the role of Don Hagarty, is actor Taylor Frey.

Taylor Frey may not be a familiar name to many, as IT Chapter Two will be his first studio feature according to Deadline. The actor's previous film work includes G.B.F. and Summertime and he has also appeared on TV shows Days of Our Lives, Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries. Taylor Frey will be taking on the role of Don Hagarty in the sequel. If you haven't read the book and have only seen the miniseries, this character will be new to you since he was left out of the TV adaptation.

In the novel, Don Hagarty is a young homosexual man living in Derry. The town of Derry is known for many things, like small town charm and dead children, but it is not known for its tolerance. So the homophobia in the town is awful for Don Hagarty and his life partner Adrian Mellon (also left out of the miniseries), who will be played by Xavier Dolan in the film. These two intend to leave the town to escape its violent homophobia and the dark presence lurking in the sewers. Without spoiling how Don and Adrian factor into the story, I'll just say that it's difficult to ever truly escape Derry, and these two are involved in one of the book's most shocking scenes.

The inclusion of Don and Adrian lends credence to what we've suspected that IT Chapter Two will be more faithful to the source material. That should delight fans of the book and serve as warning to everyone else that IT Chapter Two may be weirder and even scarier than the first film. Taylor Frey joins an already ridiculously fun cast that includes Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader among others, including the child actors from the first film, indicating this movie will probably have flashbacks. IT Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the first film, with the Losers' Club members having all moved away from Derry. A devastating phone call brings them back to once again do battle with the evil entity that plagued their childhood.

IT Chapter Two floats into theaters on September 6, 2019. Check out our guide for all of the upcoming Stephen King movies, and for everything else, take a look at our release schedule.

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