Fans of the Predator franchise have been looking forward to a new entry for years, now, we have the best look yet and the iconic creature. The new version of the monster is decked out in all new armor that is going to make it a difficult thing to take down. Check out the new look of the Predator in the image below.

The image comes courtesy of Empire Magazine who posted the image of the newly decked out Predator. To be clear, this is the standard Predator creature in the new film, not the larger Super Predator that we've also seen thanks to some recent trailers. One wonders if the existence of the new larger creature may be part of the reason why this Predator has some new armor. The two creatures are not on the same side, at least not in the clips we've seen, so this version of the unrelenting hunter will probably need stronger defenses than usual.

There's little argument that this new armor makes the creature look like something that you don't want to mess with, which is, of course, the idea. Director Shane Black tells Empire that making the new Predator frightening was a major focus because the rest of the film's tension relies on that. The audience has to believe that the creature is a real threat to the humans going up against it. Once that is successful, then the next level Predator becomes that much more terrifying.

This is a pretty significant upgrade from what we saw in the very first Predator movie. Of course, it's also possible that the Predators just go with different outfits for different environments. In the original 1987 Predator, the alien hunter sported a net mesh across his chest rather than the full armor we see in the above image. Perhaps that was just because it was really humid in the jungle and it needed something breathable.


Predator is one of those franchises that gets a lot of love, even though the first movie seems to be the only one that is universally loved. Perhaps Shane Black has found a way to bring the alien creature back to its former glory. We'll get our chance to see just how scary the new Predators are when The Predator arrives in theaters in September. Check out everything we know so far to get ready for the new film./

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