Predator 5 Is Happening, And It Just Scored Some Cloverfield Franchise Talent

The Predator being held captive in a lab

After the Disney/Fox merger officially closed back in 2019, there was more than a little concern about what would happen to the properties housed in the IP library of the latter studio. Sure enough, Disney started scaling back on projects that had the Fox name on them, even after taking the trouble to rebrand the studio 20th Century Studios. But apparently that wasn’t enough to stop the Predator franchise from happening, as the fifth film in the series has been announced as going into development, with 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg as its leader.

We caught wind of these developments through a report made by Deadline. Apparently, Predator 5, or whatever it will be titled, is moving forward with Trachtenberg in the director’s chair, and writer Patrick Aison crafting the script. Aison has written and produced on espionage series like Jack Ryan and Treadstone, so this creative team is already starting to sound interesting in these early stages.

As for the particulars on how the story’s going to play out, prepare for the same old words and phrases you’ve become accustomed to for a project like Predator 5. There’s no specifics on when, where, or who this new Predator story will stalk, however there is one thing that we do know. If you were a fan of Shane Black’s return to the franchise in The Predator, you’re going to want to take a seat. That storyline looks like it’s run its course as Predator 5 is being rumored to not even be touching that plot. A moment of silence for those who thought maybe that sweet, but confused cliffhanger ending would even be alluded to in this new project.

It’s been an overall interesting day for details on Fox projects now being championed by Disney, as our heads are still spinning over the news that Deadpool 3 has been put into development as well. With Planet of the Apes already an active concern at the House of Mouse, who knows what the next surprise announcement will pertain to? Maybe there’s hope that Disney is looking through the back catalog of Fox properties, and trying to put the best and brightest prospects into play. What we’re trying to say is, if Predator can be dusted off for a fifth installment, maybe Alita: Battle Angel can come back for its sequel after all.

Predator 5 has no release plans or targeted production shoot dates at the moment, as things are just getting started. But, as soon as new details break, you can count on CinemaBlend to take Old Painless out of the bag and update you like a platonic Tyrannosaurus. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release schedule, to see what new and continuing franchises are now going to populate the potential killing field for the next generation of Predator.

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