When A Bug's Land Is Closing To Make Way For Disneyland's New Marvel Area

A Bug's Life

The one constant at Disneyland is change and while many are likely excited about the upcoming Marvel-themed area at Disneyland Resort, for something new to arrive, something old has to go. In the case of the new Marvel area, the area being sacrificed is the portion of Disney's California Adventure called A Bug's Land. If you want to experience the area's attractions one more time before they go away forever, you only have until September 4.

It had been previously announced that A Bug's Land would close down once construction was ready to begin on the new, as yet unnamed, Marvel area, but a specific date had not been known. Unsurprisingly, the closure is taking place alongside the end of Disneyland Resort's currently running Pixar Fest celebration. Pixar Fest, which includes special Pixar themed fireworks, parades, and other events is set to end on September 3. A Bug's Land, themed after Pixar's A Bug's Life, will, according to the Disney Parks Blog, be given one additional day in the sun before being shut down.

A Bug's Land has the unfortunate luck to be located next to the adjacent open space on the Disney's California Adventure lot which has yet to be developed. That, combined with the fact that A Bug's Life isn't a Pixar film that is going to necessarily draw a lot of people, means that it's little shock the area is going away. It is unfortunate, however, as it means the part of DCA best suited to cater to the littlest Disney fans is being taken down. A Bug's Land is the closest thing Disney's second gate has to Fantasyland, an area with rides that even the smallest kids can ride. Flik's Flyers is a modified version of Dumbo's Flying Elephants that sees guests spin around inside empty food containers. Heimlich's Chew Chew Train is a simple train that travels around the area and views oversize food. Francis' Ladybug Boogie is a little kid-friendly version of the Mad Tea Party teacups and Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies are slow speed bumper cars.

With the expectation that the new Marvel area will focus on more adult thrill rides, it would seem the number of rides available to little kids at Disney's California Adventure Park will be greatly reduced. There will certainly still be some options, but not as many.

Disney Parks rarely waste time once an area closes down, so expect construction to begin on the new superhero area on or about September 5. The area has already been given an opening date sometime in 2020. This will be the second major area opening at Disneyland Resort in as many years, following Star Wars Galaxy's Edge which is set to open next year.

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