The Predator

The world of sci-fi action-horror is about to get a huge boost this fall when Shane Black returns to the Predator series with The Predator. The long-awaited sequel to the original Predator continuity looks amazing, but it turns out that the film isn't quite finished yet. In fact, while we only have a handful of weeks left until the movie actually hits theaters, it looks like The Predator may be going back for some reshoots.

Despite the fact that it's set for its big debut in September, a new report from Production Weekly says that The Predator is actually already heading back to Canada for even more reshoots. We have no idea what these potential reshoots could be for, as the film has already released multiple trailers and looks done, but it seems that there's more work to be completed.

This is far from the first time that The Predator has had to go back and tweak its story ahead of its release. Shane Black has made no secret of the fact that the team behind the Predator sequel has had to go through retooling throughout its production, with some reports even noting that The Predator scrapped its entire original third act. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as reshoots have sometimes been known to save movies at the last minute, but it's arguably quite odd to see just how close these reshoots are cutting it to the actual release date.

As of right now, it's anyone's guess as to what the reshoots for The Predator are for. They could be anything, ranging from simple pick-ups to fill in some holes in the movie, to complete retooling of specific sequences. One other idea that has been thrown around (which by no means has received confirmation) is the idea that Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch may be added to the film, though the film was initially written with Dutch included, and the Austrian bodybuilding icon turned it down due to the small size of the part.

Finally offering up the true sequel that many fans have been waiting for, The Predator takes place decades after the events of John McTiernan's original Predator. The United States government is aware of the Yautja hunting activity on Earth and has devoted a special unit to investigating and studying them. However, when an enhanced Predator arrives on Earth, a special forces team is dispatched to go head-to-head with it (in particularly brutal fashion) to take it down and save countless lives.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information about The Predator as more information is made available to us. The movie is still set for a September 14, 2018 release, so mark down your moviegoing calendars accordingly!

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