The Meg's Rainn Wilson Has Weird Ideas For An Evil Villain He’d Love To Play

Rainn Wilson The Meg

Last year, CinemaBlend chatted with The Meg star Rainn Wilson, and he joked about the possibility of getting the chance to play a Bond villain. While that hasn't happened yet, his somewhat conniving take on Jack Morris in his new film still has us wondering what that could look like. So we asked Wilson about his potential as a villain during a recent interview for The Meg, and he offered up a pretty colorful description of a baddie he would want to play involving an iguana, a facial deformity, and Kelsey Grammer. Wilson said:

I don't know that there's an existing villain that I would want to play. I'd want to create my own villain. You know? I'd want to design my own pet. Maybe an iguana? And like a scar from my nostril. Maybe I'm missing a nostril. Maybe I have a very small tattoo of Kelsey Grammer or something. Really specific things that make him a really specific villain. I would like someone to greenlight a movie and be like, 'Get me Rainn Wilson as a really weird villain.'

It almost sounds like Blofeld on acid, doesn't it? We have no idea what type of movie Rainn Wilson would need to sign on for in order to play that kind of villain (or what his ultimate scheme would be in the film), but I think it's safe to say that's a decidedly weird description worthy of consideration. After all, if that's what he has come up with off of the top of his head, then we can't wait to see what would happen if he were to hone the idea even further.

If you want to hear everything that Rainn Wilson had to say about his hypothetical villain (as well as his take on an Australian accent for this quirky bad guy), then check out a clip from our interview, below!

For now, Rainn Wilson's current focus is the role of Jack Morris in Jon Turteltaub's The Meg. A billionaire investor with a massive financial stake in the movie's central ocean expedition, Morris is a money man who stays focused on the bottom line of the scientific research that he has funded. It's a different role than Wilson is typically known for playing (a.k.a it's a far cry from Dwight Schrute in The Office), but it could represent a stepping stone to a full-blown villain somewhere down the line.

Only time will tell if Rainn Wilson will ever get a chance to play this incredibly odd and unique bad guy. That said, audiences and fans of his work will be able to check out his latest performance this weekend when The Meg premieres on August 10. Check out our review of the film as well as our review roundup, and head over to our movie premiere guide to check out even more release dates on the horizon this year!

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