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Each new piece of marketing for The Predator shows us something new about the upcoming film and the latest clip confirms he's not coming to Earth alone. A brand new TV spot for Shane Black's upcoming Predator movie shows that in addition to the inclusion of the Super Predator, we'll also see the lethal hunter's favorite hunting tool, the Hell Hounds. Check it out.

While the moments are pretty brief, the Hell Hounds are clearly going to make their presence felt in the new film. In an early part of the clip, posted by Platinum poop, we see them looking menacing but obscured by shadow alongside their master. Later we get a much better look at one looking very hungry. This is pretty bad news for anybody who gets in the way of the vicious beasts.

The clip at least implies that the Hell Hounds will make their appearance early in the film as they appear while one of the soldiers initially dispatched to investigate the alien crash is being interrogated about what he experienced. It is, of course, very possible that all these clips are not actually in sequence. We certainly haven't seen the Hell Hounds before and we've seen a fair amount of both the Predator and Super Predator characters in previous trailers, which would seem to imply that eventually, the hunting dogs won't be working alongside the Super Predator as one might expect. Of course, I'm guessing that considering how much of the new film has actually been revealed, there may be some significant things still being hidden behind the curtain. Either way, the Hell Hounds look pretty imposing here.

Hell Hounds The Predator

A lot of fans are looking forward to a new Predator movie that is directed by the well-regarded Shane Black. While the regular drip-feed of information has given us a pretty solid idea of what sort of movie we're in for, in the end, it's all dependent on what sort of action we get, and that has been only teased, so fans aren't quite sure what to expect. Of course, recent word that the film went out for another round of reshoots only recently means we really have no idea what the plan is at this point.

One thing we do expect is a rock-solid cast that includes Sterling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, and Thomas Jane among others. The movie has gotten so big that Edward James Olmos was apparently edited out for time. The Predator arrives in theaters September 14.

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