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IT Chapter Two Director Shares Bloody Photo Of Jessica Chastain

IT was a smash hit that has already become one of the biggest horror movies ever made. The sequel is now in production and, while we certainly expect things will get dark, disturbing, and violent, things are already looking bad for Jessica Chastain. The actress will take over the role of Beverly for the follow-up and a new image of the actress with director Andy Muschietti shows that Bev is going to get bloody this time around. Check it out.

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While Jessica Chastain looks quite happy in the picture above. I'm guessing that the scene that requires the top of her head to be covered in blood isn't nearly as happy an experience for her character. It seems clear that this blood is, in fact, hers, so Beverly is going to go through some stuff in It Chapter 2. While the image is, of course, keeping specific details of why Chastain would be covered in blood in the dark, it's not like spoilers for IT Chapter 2 aren't widely available. It's called the Stephen King novel. While the first movie did change a few details, the basic storyline remained intact, and it's a safe bet the same will be the case here.

Jessica Chastain was an early favorite to play the role of the adult Beverly in the follow-up to IT. Many fans thought she'd be perfect for the role and since she had worked with director Andy Muschietti before it seemed like it was a real possibility. Clearly, from this photo the director posted to Instagram, Chastain enjoys working with him and also tormenting him.

While Stephen King's novel IT jumps back and forth in time, following the same group of friends as both kids and adults, the films split the two eras and made the first movie entirely about the story of the Loser's Club fighting the evil force that takes the form of Pennywise the Clown when they were kids in Maine. The sequel will jump forward in time to the modern day and see the same group return home to fight the evil once again. Although, we know the original actors will be back again for the sequel, implying that the next movie will also contain flashbacks to events that took place either during or shortly after the events of the first movie.

IT was a movie that appealed to far more than simply the average horror movie fan, its box office success makes that much clear. This means there are clearly a lot of people who are looking forward to the other half of the story. Based on the hashtag that Andy Muschietti uses, it appears that filming on the sequel has been completed, or at the very least Jessica Chastain has completed her filming, which means the rest of the movie can't be too far behind.

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